Construction Weekly


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Steve Kenny

Since May of 1980, I have been involved in outside sales targeting new construction projects. My first sales position was as a security consultant, selling burglar alarms, fire alarms, camera systems and access control to residential and commercial projects. I added home theater, whole house audio and lighting controls to my sales portfolio in the security industry. In my 25 years in sales I’ve added wood and vinyl windows, entry doors, stained glass, flooring, heating & air conditioning and central vacuums to residential and commercial projects to my portfolio.

I have always been motivated by inspirational thoughts. One of my favorites is “Always go the extra mile, it’s the road less traveled.” I always have.

I joined a “Tips Club” that was forming in Santa Clara on my first day of sales in May 1980. The group provided me with inside information that gave me a big advantage over my competition. I quickly advanced to become the number one salesman at that company, despite my lack of experience.

When I moved to Santa Cruz in 1984, I knew very few people and had no “Tips Club” to rely on for sales leads. So I formed my own group of 12 top sales reps. By then I had discovered how to find my own construction and business leads and I shared them with the group. Unfortunately, not all the members of the group would bring leads or even show up for the weekly meetings. I had enough leads of my own, so I decided that my time was too valuable to attend the meetings anymore. One by one, the members of the group contacted me, requesting copies of the leads I had been bringing to the meetings. They even offered to pay me for them!

This inspired the creation of my first business venture in 1986…Pulse of the County. At that time there were only two long-established services that provided information about construction projects. Neither of which was very timely, informative or user-friendly. I saw the need and filled it. Pulse grew very rapidly and reached over 200 happy subscribers by 1990. In 1990 I sold the business to my partner and moved on to beautiful Marin County.

Since 1990 I have created and sold two successful businesses similar to Pulse of the County. I also returned to my roots and sold security systems and became sales manager for a security company in 1998. In 7 months, my personal sales exceeded the company’s highest annual sales record.

In 2000 I became marketing director for a heating and air-conditioning company in the Chico area. With my assistance, his business grew from $1 million in sales to over $5 million in 3 years.

In 2005 I moved back to the Bay Area, and seeing the need for a quality sales lead service, I started Construction Weekly, a publication providing weekly building permit reports. Construction Weekly was my best product up to that time and grew to 105 subscribers by September 2008. Unfortunately, the Wall Street melt-down occurred, and I took advantage of the opportunity to sell Construction Weekly in October.

In November 2008, at the request of a former prospective client, I did some research on upcoming construction projects that had not received their building permits yet. After over 80 hours of research I realized that this information could be acquired and knew I had a great, timely product. That month, Construction Insider was born. I knew with the economy in a downward spiral and the number of construction projects declining with it, my service would provide great sales leads and provide them ahead of my competitors.

I also decided to offer my service on an exclusive basis, adding additional value to my subscribers by giving them information before their competitors even know about it. My subscribers now have unique, exclusive sales leads, giving them a tremendous advantage over their competitors.


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