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In addition to providing Construction Insider reports, Steve Kenny is available as a consultant to Subscribers on the various ways to use the reports and create an on-going successful system that will provide a constant revenue stream for your company. 

If you would like Steve to meet with your personnel individually or as a group, to help them create the system for using the reports, he would be glad
to do so.

Construction Insider can help you change your bottom-line dramically but it does take planning and implementation of a 'system' to make it happen.   

If you have a salesperson or sales force, Steve can help them with cold-calling or telemarketing techniques he's learned over the past 25 years.  He'll show them how to organize their time for cold-calls or help them create a telemarkeing script and provide them with some 'Do's-and-Don't's' for telemarketing.

If you have an office assistant and want to do the follow-ups yourself, he will help you create a system for both of you that will only takes a few hours per week to implement.  The assistant can do the follow-ups after you have identified the interesting prospects for them.  They can then send out the postcards or mailers and follow those up with phone calls to determine the interest.  If the prospect is interested, the lead is passed on to you to set up an appointment with the prospect.

If you are a 'one-man-band' and do everything yourself, he can definitely help you find a way to create sales and get the rest of your work done too!

He can even help you find a 'special assistant' to help you implement your marketing system.

Steve's fees for consulting are $195 per hour plus travel expenses.  Most consulting can be accomplished electronically via computer-to-computer
hook-ups and teleconferencing.



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