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Sample Telemarketing Script

Hello, is this (prospect name)? 

Hi ________, this is (your name).

and I represent (your company name and city).

We specialize in (your products and services).

I see that you are about to start (type of construction project)

Have you selected (a company for your product or service) yet?

(Wait for them to answer and take it from there)

Goals of Telemarketing Call

  1. Identify the person you are talking to.  It must be a decision maker.
  2. Identify yourself and your company.
  3. Tell them what you do.
  4. Let them know you know about their project.
  5. Ask them a yes or no question that tells you what you want to know.
  6. If they ask how you found out about their project, tell them that you got it from a search on the internet for construction projects.  It diffuses the problem of how you know about it.  That’s where we get the info, so you are telling the truth.  All the info we get is public information.

Telemarketing Guidelines for Subscribers

  1. NEVER ARGUE OR BE RUDE to a person you call. If they are rude or angry, just apologize and hang up.
  2. If they claim to be on the "DO NOT CALL LIST," just apologize and hang up.
  3. LEARN THE SCRIPT. Do not recite it, learn how to say it conversationally. People do not like to be read to on the phone...they will hang up.
  4. Try to finish your script quickly and without interruption. Wait for them to respond before saying anything else.
  5. This is a numbers game. You should be able to generate 2-4 leads per hour so every 'NO' brings you closer to a 'YES'.
  6. If they have a lot of questions, answer their questions if you can or explain that you are not an expert but you will have someone who can answer their questions call them right back.  If they’re asking questions, they’re interested!
  7. If a prospect is interested in a bid, get their additional phone numbers, best time to call, who to call and what types of products they are interested in.
  8. If they are interested but not now, find out when they would like a call back, write it on the Individual Report and file it in the appropriate place in your sales binder. These are excellent leads.
  9. If they ask how we got their phone number or the information, just say you got it from an Internet search (that’s the truth).  Never tell them you got it from a list! If you do they will insist on finding out who you got it from and you will lose the Prospect.
  10. Don't leave a message if you get an answering machine. Just listen for additional info and hang up. If it's a follow-up call after you have talked to someone, then it’s okay to leave a message.


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